HVAC Maintenance Program in San Antonio, TX

Stop paying hundreds of dollars for heating and AC repairs that can be prevented.

Air Experts want to provide you with peace of mind.  Keep in mind that not cleaning your unit(s) at least twice a year is equivalent to driving your car without changing the oil. See below for just a few of the incredible benefits of our HVAC maintenance program in San Antonio, TX, gives you:

  • 2 Maintenance visits a year for both heating and cooling, which all air conditioning units require for proper function.
  • 10% discount on parts and labor on all service work.
  • No overtime charges if any required
  • Priority Service over non-agreement customers
  • Lower Energy Cost
  • All of these Benefits and so much more
Participating in our bi-annual heating and cooling maintenance plan will prolong the life of your air conditioning and heating units while saving you money in the process.

Why Maintenance Is a Must

Nobody wants to deal with the stress and expense of an unexpected equipment breakdown. Our HVAC maintenance program is the best way to ward off unwanted surprises and major repairs. While every heating and cooling system will need repairs on occasion, the truly disastrous issue can typically be avoided with routine care by factory-trained HVAC service technicians.

People say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That holds true for AC, furnaces, and so on. By investing a small amount of money into basic maintenance, you can save your self hundreds or even thousands of dollars — not to mention a lot of trouble.

Quick Service You Can Count On

As part of our maintenance program, you enjoy priority service. Whenever you encounter an issue with your cooling system or require heating and furnace maintenance, we deliver the quick service you need. Our technicians will locate the source of the problem and fix it in no time at all.

Even if a problem seems minor, it’s important to report it and have it resolved as soon as possible. Why? If left unaddressed, your HVAC system will likely acquire wear and tear more rapidly. Thus, routine maintenance can extend the lifetime of your equipment.

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